The mission of the BFA Degree in Graphic Design and New Art Media was developed with the following objectives in mind: to adequately prepare students for professional practice in graphic design; to provide training in new art (digital) media that are utilized in the graphic design field; to prepare graphic design students to think creatively through the use of up-to-date digital media as primary tools of artistic expression; to provide an in-depth visual arts background in conjunction with training in graphic design; and to instill in students the concept of “the artist as designer.”

The BFA in Graphic Design and New Art Media Degree Program guides students to think as visual artists as they explore and develop mediated images in creative, ethical, and diverse ways. We encourage students to think about ethics as well as aesthetics and technical training and to recognize a professional responsibility in those areas of society where graphic designers and artists hold conspicuous influence.

Graphic Design and New Art Media students are taught to use ethical frameworks when creating, producing or disseminating images. The program’s curriculum encourages discussion of the work of women and minority designers, using international and intercultural examples and class/client projects working with businesses, as well as non-profit organizations.

Graduates of the program are prepared for advanced studies in graduate programs in graphic design and new art media, to competitively enter the field of graphic design, and adequately prepares students for the graphic design profession. These goals are accomplished through a curriculum that includes hands-on experiences and academic seminars as a vehicle for the investigation of graphic design and new art media.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and New Art Media (GDNAM) Degree Program is a professional undergraduate program that is approved by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The BFA is recognized as the professional degree by NASAD and the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the professional association for design, for preparation as a professional in graphic design.


Graphic Design and New Art Media (GDNAM) Degree is the only BFA program in the region offering instruction in editorial layout and binding, web design and coding (a requirement for all professional graphic designers), as well as letterpress, the traditional printing technique that is used today by many graphic designers.

Curricular requirements for professional degree programs in graphic design include studies in graphic design, visual arts, and art and graphic design history. The BFA in GDNAM is a professional program that prepares students for an aesthetically challenging and lucrative employment in either a graphic design firm, a magazine, or with various corporations as in-house graphic and new art media designers. Upon completion of this degree students should possess a marked level and refinement of digital media tools, artistic practices, composition and typography, and an understanding of historical trends and theories in the field of graphic design.


The Master of Fine Arts degree program in Visual Arts is a strongly studio-oriented professional preparation in the media area of graphic design. Within and outside the visual arts areas there are many opportunities (and encouragement) for balanced study in art history/theory and supporting disciplines.


The University of North Dakota’s Department of Art & Design plays a vital role in the cultural climate of its vicinity. We are the largest and most complete art and design department within this upper plains region outside Minneapolis—as well as the only art and design department within the geographical area of North Dakota and South Central Canada offering the terminal degree (M.F.A) in visual art. As such, we have a particularly strong commitment to artistic productivity and all of our art and design program areas encourage students to think creatively as visual artists as they explore and develop images in ethical and diverse ways.

These are prerequisite to the ultimate objective of nurturing growth in conceptual ability and creative production. The Department of Art & Design’s faculty are highly qualified and dedicated teachers, who are also seriously committed to professional productivity in their respective art disciplines.


Graphic Design is the profession of composing visual and textual content; forming logos, business cards, packaging, posters, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, brochures, books, signage, CD covers, letterpressed designs, and websites. New Art Media is the interaction between technology and images to produce design. It includes web development, computer generated content, and multimedia programs.


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